Anaspidoglanis macrostoma. Difficulty. Description: This large Hap has a blue head and a yellow to gold body that is covered in dark patches that resemble that of a giraffe. Be the first to receive fintastic fishkeeping tips, product news, special offers and personalised product recommendations direct to your inbox. No thanks, I would like to continue shopping. The giraffe catfish is found throughout Africa in lakes and rivers, partially due to introduction and establishment in other areas. Max Mature Size in wild: 28″ Min Tank Size: 125 gallons Temp: 72-80° F KH 5-15 pH 6.0-7.8 Diet: Omnivore Native to: Africa Family: Bagridae This fish has a maximum size that sources say are between two and three feet. Compatibility: A very docile catfish, but it is best kept with fish that it can’t fit in its’ mouth, which are 8 inches /  20 cm or larger if the Giraffe Cat is full size. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Common name/s: Dwarf Giraffe Catfish Scientific name: Anaspidoglanis macrostoma; previously known as Auchenoglanis macrostoma and Parauchenoglanis macrostoma Family: Clarotidae Origin: Ogooue River, Africa Maximum size: 8" is reported, but IME 6" is maximum. Because of its large eventual size and its fast rate of growth, it is inappropriate for smaller aquaria. © 2020 Maidenhead Aquatics Ltd. All Rights Reserved. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Will take a variety of frozen and prepared foods in the aquarium Adult Size: 12″ Recommended Tank Size: 70 Gallons Compatibility: Peaceful and compatible with most similarly sized fish Preferred Water Parameters A sand substrate is a must, they have delicate barbels, and like to burrow, but they are … Their adult size is about 24 inches in length, which means they need to be housed in a very large aquarium. Peaceful; A truly calm, even sociable fish, it is no threat to fish that will not easily fit in its mouth, and even at its massive adult size fish much over 6 inches in length will most likely be safe. Breeding: Breeding information is unknown. Find Your Nearest Maidenhead Aquatics Store, Learn About Over 500 Species in Our Data Bank. Average Adult Fish Size: 36 inches  /   91 cm !! Image of underwater, catfish, animal - 36947320 Place of Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Africa Typical Tank setup: Rocky African biotope with roots/driftwood/bogwood and caves. Image of stone, river, auchenoglanis - 12485405 The distinctive brown-white pattering of this catfish resembles that of a giraffe. Be that as it may, their mouths a very little, so they can just eat little fish. This fish will readily accept a variety of foods and is tolerant of a wide variety of water conditions. Moderate. Giraffe Catfish. The giraffe catfish is occasionally imported for the aquarium trade. Being fed a mixture of bloodworms, sinking pell… $23.99. Remember that its color will only serve as a warning device to protect the aquarium approximately 70 stages Fahrenheit. Redtail Catfish Size is about 2.5 - 3 inches. If your aquarium is larger than 10 gallons, then the gulper supplies an interesting fish as it lies in wait at the bottom for its feeding time. It requires a fine floor covering, bogwood for retreats, and spacious accommodation in view of its likely adult size. Typical Tank setup: Rocky African biotope with a lot of open space. Scientific Name: Nimbochromis venustus Place of Origin: Lake Malawi Adult Size: 9 - 10" Temperament: Mildly aggressive, very aggressive towards males of the same species. You can find out more here. They should excel and take great fish to avoid nutritious food sources (cockroaches frogs lizards and choose to hunt this type of golden color red and so your fish. Because of the taxonomic history, the dwarf giraffe catfish has often been confused with Parauchenoglanis guttatus (which is very rarely imported for the aquarium trade, if at all). Difficulty. For more info about how your email will be used, read our Privacy Policy here. Simply add in your email address below and we'll do the rest. Having kept a few giraffe cats I've had no problems with 74 F degree water temp's and preferred PH of 6.5. Giraffe Catfish (Auchenoglanis Occidentalis) The Auchenoglanis occidentalis is more commonly known as the giraffe catfish due to its mottled brown spots. Min. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. This video is unavailable. Size of fish - inches: 11.8 inches (30.00 cm) - They usually only obtain 6 … Ruinemans Aquarium maakt gebruik van cookies om de functionaliteit en uw gebruikservaring te verbeteren. Scientific name: Auchenoglanis Occidentalis. Use Entities Finder to find relationships between entities, things, concepts and people. Care: Minimum tank size 36"x12"x12". Try it now, it is free! Anaspidoglanis macrostoma. Because of its large eventual size and its fast rate of growth, it is inappropriate for smaller aquaria. This item is currently out of stock! Difficulty. African Giraffe Catfish; General. Copyright Tropical Fish Site © All rights reserved, API 800 Test Freshwater Aquarium Water Master Test Kit, Large-eyed Mouthbrooder – Callochromis Macrops. In the wild they are found living in very large rift lakes and large river systems whose large volume of water is able to properly support large fish species. Get the best equipment, Congratulations to our recent gallery winner, Have a look through our frequently asked questions. Average Adult Fish Size: 36 inches / 91 cm !! $60.24. Auchenoglanis occidentalis occidentalis has a life span of 8 to 18 years and the average adult is 27 inches. There are 9 classes and multiple varieties of catfish. This tank picture looks better than 86.19% of tank pictures in this category.. Ranked #1031 out of 7464 freshwater fish pictures worldwide.. Merodontotus Tigrinus - Brachyplatystoma tigrinum Also known under the common name of Zebra Sh… $388.00. Giraffe-Nosed Catfish Auchenoglanis occidentalis. Min. America's trusted 5 star source for quality aquatics since 1987. Specifications: Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons Water Conditions: KH 4-20, pH 6.0-7.5 Diet: Omnivore Max. Common name: Giraffe Catfish. Giraffe Nosed Catfish prefers aquarium decors with a soft sandy substrate, areas with rock piles, large pieces of drift or bog wood and plenty of open swimming areas. It eats plants off the floor of lakes and streams. Spotted Giraffe Noses can be found in running ... ( Giraffe Catfish) 4 inch $ 36.99. pH: 6.5-7.8, dH: up to 18 degrees. This Cichlid gets quite big! Item# CATFISH-GIRAFFE-4-INCH. Will acclimatise to a wide range of conditions, but slightly soft, acidic water is best long term. They have a yellow base color with dark brown on top, similar to a giraffe’s pattern, hence its common name. The giraffe catfish is found all through Africa in lakes and waterways, in part because of presentation and foundation in different territories. Sexing: The only way to accurately sex them is by venting. Keep a digital tank this size will also die in place of illnesses amongst the law to obtain arowana but generally one of the total luck arowana giraffe catfish Place of Origin: Congo River basin predominantly, but it is found all over Africa. Rating: 5.53 Votes: 45 Moderate.

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