All means, keep pointing all the beauty that can be found in your own linguistic trees, but maybe learning more about Finnish couldn’t hurt. Artistic and cute but useless and may mislead people. By age six or seven, most humans can comprehend, as well as express, written thoughts. … The total number of Turkic speakers, including second-language speakers. Ferda Baraz, although Turkic is in some respects similar to Hungarian, it is unrelated to the Fenno-Ugric languages. We’re hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. Please don’t be so cranky, people. The trunk and branches suggest the original source of languages. (Yours Faithfully). (I have an M.A. Lighten up. POlish 500 ist pięćset. Complete misrepresentation of the title. It’s just that the 1987 Constitution designated and affirmed Filipino as the Philippines’ official language that bonds the whole nation in a single identifying language for all inhabitants of its 7,107 islands. There are thousands of spoken languages in the world and most can be traced back in history to show how they are related to each other.For example:By finding patterns like these, different languages can be grouped together as members of a language family.There are three main language families: 1. You answered your own question. The latest projection is that French will be spoken by 750 million people by 2050. Looking more closely, I see that it declares itself a tree of “Nordic” languages. Typological similarity and genetic relatedness are not the same thing! Nina, that is a very prejudiced and ignorant thing to say. Sino-Tibetan (Includes Chinese) 3. The problem lies in the writer of this article who misnamed their article. And why does English not show it’s Gaelic connections? Would be interested to see where it fits on this. The name Oak was used by Gosling after an oak tree that remained outside his office. As well as Ladino. Organic evolution has proven unable to elucidate the origin of language and communication. Perhaps you you give a try at languages from your region. Pardon me, but where is Georgian? Eventually, It is believed that you will arrive at the main trunk of this tree into which all of the languages came from. If the Sino-Caucasian hypothesis is fact, how do you account for the widespread distribution? And also Arabic? Why Java Programming named "Java"? There are many many more flaws to it than missing indo-european. I look for my native language spoken by ab. Please consider making a donation to our site. The more than 1.1 billion speakers of Sinitic (the Chinese dialects) constitute the world’s largest speech community. This tree diagram depicts the genealogy of the primary Dravidian languages spoken ... Malaysia and Singapore. There is a great lecture series called: “The Story of Human Language” by John McWhorter. Can people here actually read? By the 19th century, August Schleicher’s Family Tree had been proposed to model the relationships among the Indo-European languages as the branches of a tree. Literary Hindi, written in the Devanagari script, has been strongly influenced by Sanskrit. Armand A. Gagnon on "UNIVERSATILE" LANGUAGE. Because it’s not relevant to the work from which the graphic was taken. Linguists therefore describe the daughter languages within a language family a… The expression language origins refers to theories pertaining to the emergence and development of language in human societies. It’s the Indo-European tree. And why is not Danish linked to Uralic? Or. You might want to look into the ancient Greek word “slaves” – find its meaning and find whom the Greeks were calling by this word. Afro-Asiatic (Includes Arabic)Indo-European is the la… It’s not ignoring your language, it’s just representing a certain group. Its not depicted anywhere on the tree, yet it IS a language, and one that stands by itself at that. Look at the chart again, it is about INDO-EUROPEAN languages. I’ve relabelled some popular languages) The numbers on the tree below are in millions of native speakers. Why and how not my concern but should be everybody else’s should it be speech including the advent of speech in human civilisation. The more that is uncovered archaeologically, the more the linguists have to work with in determing … Stay Silent. Read more. Even if this was for a comic it is still pretty damn racist to imply that the africans, arabs, and orientals will all be wiped out in this apocalyptic future while those on the map survive. I suggest you to remove world in your title and put european. Evolution had less effect on linguistics than on other social sciences, yet history shows that secondary effects were felt. Aramaic? The Language Tree below shows languages that come from the same origin. It is the preferred official language of India, although much national business is also done in English and the other languages recognized in the Indian constitution. Pretty sure the Frisian roots are connected the Dutch ones as they are almost are one language. An important detail of the work, one that gives it a wonderful “texture”, is the differing degrees of mutual intelligibility of the languages these characters speak. We don’t have to hold hands and skip while we look, but we should be able to have a civil conversation about it. * Origins of Christmas. A tree is a tall plant with a trunk and branches made of wood. So, why no [insert your not included language here]? The language tree specifically concerns the languages still spoken in the post-apocalyptic world the comic is set in. Why is ‘Scots’ with English (it’s Gaelic) – that’s incorrect. Sundberg takes this tree metaphor to a delightfully lavish extreme, tracing, say, how Indo-European linguistic roots sprouted a variety of modern-day living languages including Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Italian — and, of course, our Language of the Future. It is a dialect of Catalan, usually used mixed, by speakers, with Spanish(Castellano), as the Valencian vocabulary is somewhat limited. Francois you know why. “An ancient source (say, Indo-European) has various branches (e.g., Romance, Germanic), which themselves have branches (West Germanic, North Germanic), which feed into specific languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian).”. Using the research data from Ethnologue, Minna has used a family tree metaphor to illustrate how all major European, and even plenty of Eastern languages can be grouped into Indo-European and Uralic families of languages. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly here: Copyright © 2018 angmohdan. You people crying racism and saying it doesn’t include your language should take not that THIS TREE REPRESENT THE LANGUAGES OF MOSTLY INDOEUROPEAN DESCENT., Spanish also owes a lot to Arabic: I am sorry, but your infography is not relevant as the tree of old world language families. Please do better research before publishing. I see no trace of hundreds of other tongues, let alone derivation of e.g. The size of the branches and bunches of leaves represent the number of speakers of each language at different times: the likes of English and Spanish have sprouted into mighty vegetative clusters, while others, like, Swedish, Dutch, and Punjabi, assert a more local dominance over their own, separately grown regional branches. Get the reference from the lingustic science and don’t presume things. Hokkien is a direct descendant of old Chinese, and is the oldest of the Sino-Tibetan languages alive today. With all due respect to the author, but what was the purpose of creating this language tree? It should match the continental orientation of the language groups concerned. Words are important otherwise this May look like another démonstration of white supremacy and brainwash. CHAPTER 1. It’s important to know things true origins. Stay Silent, which takes place in what is left of the Nordic countries, and the language diagram reflects that geography. Where are all the OTHER languages? The total is over 450 million people who use French as their official language with the Democratic Republic of Congo the number one French speaking country (77 million) bigger than France (65 million). Yes, and also the Arabic Language, spoken as a native language by 290 million people (2010)… That doesn’t make the creator of this particular diagram a white supremacist, any more than I’m a white supremacist. There are no written records, so we can never know if word similarities happened by sheer chance or by accident. Where are the other three Southern Indian languages; Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam?? The French language population is much bigger if you add Africa . According to Ethnologue (, there are more than 7,000 living languages across the world. Under Indic languages “Gujarati” is missing. It’s one of the oldest languages with it’s own alphabet. The authors of this infographic and this article do not believe that Africans are humans or that they’re subhuman and therefore their languages don’t count. I would also do a more in-depth research on hellnic and not be so fast to really credit the Greeks there.. Not only missing languages, all the leaves go to ENGLISH, so desproporcional: real subliminal crap. Going by the comments, perhaps the author should have asked a professor of languages and linguistics for assistance. Hi, why is there no.Hebrew in the chart? The picture below shows how the Indo European Language Family tree branch comes from the main mother tongue trunk. Would you like to support the mission of Open Culture? Writer of this page messed up in two places; 1) he decided on a obtrusively ethnoentric, ill-educated title, 2) they went for the looks over scientific quality(again, on purpose). To my humble opinion, when you have an ambition to write down a “tree of languages”, at least you have to know the thing precisely and thoroughly. In fact, the history of the Arabic language is one which spans the centuries from well before the advent of the Christian era to modern times. Indo-European (Includes English) 2. The whole image is dotted with languages, with bigger leaves representing those with the most native speakers. if you like our Facebook fanpage, you'll receive more articles like the one you just read! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for you in a daily email. There is it? Spanish is 33% different from Italian, while Ukrainian is 38% different from Russian. “When linguists talk about the historical relationship between languages, they use a tree metaphor,” writes Mental Floss’ Arika Okrent. Armenian, a separate branch of Indo-European languages, missing, despite having 8-10 mln estimated native-speakers. This tree metaphor to a delightfully lavish extreme, tracing, say, how Indo-European linguistic roots sprouted a variety of modern-day living languages including Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and, of course, our Language of the Future. The origins of the Dravidian languages, as well as their subsequent development and the period of their differentiation, are unclear, and the situation is not helped by the lack of comparative linguistic research into the Dravidian languages. Chinese, Bahasa, Filipino, Pacific Islands were missed out, so this tree presented is only a subset of the whole. Thank you, madam for registering the comment. An idea of of what this tree would look like is shown below: Source: Language Affinities Beween Autochthonous Populations, One ancestral language, spoken at least 15,000 years ago, gave rise to seven more that formed an ancient Eurasiatic “superfamily”. Its standard … Mandarin and other Chinese dialects such as Cantonese have gone through the “middle Chinese” phase, Hokkien did not. “French isn’t mostly spoken by French people and hasn’t been for a long time now,” he admits,” but “the language is growing fast, and growing in the fastest-growing areas of the world, particularly sub-Saharan Africa. Indo-European is the largest language family, followed by Sino-Tibetan, and lastly Afro-Asiatic. Thanks. Tree definition, a plant having a permanently woody main stem or trunk, ordinarily growing to a considerable height, and usually developing branches at some distance from the ground. The Indo-European languages are a family of several hundred related languages and dialects, including most major languages in Europe, the Iranian plateau, and South Asia. So it is makes sense that the artist only mentioned the roots of theese countries’ languages in her artwork.”. Languages, like genes, provide vital clues about human history. Languages are linked to each … Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The name os taken from pronancation of word a houndert. All rights reserved. All those who would enjoy learning about the sources of English, as well as the fundamentals of the science of linguistics are welcome to search through the pages of The Linguistics Club located at the following URL: The blog was started ten years ago to provide information for my linguistics students. Well, it’s because there is NO such a thing like “slavic people”. We cannot have that in 2016, What about the indigenous languages of indigenous people – they don’t seem to be there. And Latin, ubiquitous in Medicine, the key to understanding Law foundations and clear thinking, western literary culture, the structures of grammar. I have never met a historical linguist who thought Africans were subhumans, that idea is your own. Call it Tree of European Languages ONLY! Perhaps the similarities that Thai shares with Chinese are due to borrowing, not descent from a common ancestor.” – Peter Thomas. The person, for example, who claimed that Russian isn’t Indoeuropean, but Finno-Ugric, has been terribly misinformed. I don’t know. Please bear this in mind. A language family is a group of languages related through descent from a common ancestral language or parental language, called the proto-language of that family. If you don’t like this language tree, make your own. ), from Vulgar Latin *linguaticum, from Latin lingua "tongue," also "speech, language," from PIE root *dnghu-"tongue." Mazandaran language has more than six million speakers in Iran. On a recent trip to Leeuwarden I learnt that Frisian is regarded as the closest language to English. I don’t know about you, but I can never believe in any wave of the future without a traceable past. You can turn off the use of cookies at anytime by changing your specific browser settings. She is a direct descendant of old Chinese. By finding patterns like these, different languages can be grouped together as members of a language family. The speakers of Indic languages would have a good laugh at that! Again, your work is great, and it well delivers exactly what it was created for: spreads some basic knowledge to non-professionals. The Tree of Languages Illustrated in a Big, Beautiful Infographic, he granted the title of “Language of the Future” to French,,,,,, Turkic languages are their own group and therefore not part of the Indo-European tree. I was also pretty surprised that turkic languages were not represented at all. We thank you! Thank you. A genetic category like “slavic” doesn’t exist. A very strange language tree !? Trees have played a very important role in many of the world's mythologies and … There is a linguistic hypothesis that states that all languages from Europe to India originate from a single mother language: Proto-Indo-European. There are MANY other language groups such as Austronesian, Dravidian, and Sino-Tibetan to name just a few off the top of my head. I hope you enjoy the read. (sorry about the quality. There are about 5000 languages spoken in the world today (a third of them in Africa), but scholars group them together into relatively few families - probably less than twenty. To be honest with you, the slavic leanguages are more related to indoiranian than to westearopean. Read more, Hokkien is the oldest Sinitic language alive today. Is there a diagram for every language everywhere? OK. Also funny that, from my perspective, you too are whining about some other people whining-they’re not BTW- so. All About Turkey › turkish.htm is. Follow him on Twitter at @colinmarshall or on Facebook. The world is not only caucasian and indoeuropean. creator of this sucks! A unique language with almost no communalities with any other language. Which university degree do you have? It has nothing to do with Slavic languages. For example…did you know Ukrainian is more different from Russian as Italian is from Spanish (Italian and Spanish are 33% similar while Ukrainian and Russian are 38% different?) Please notice that Eblaite is listed in both the Eastern and Western Proto-Semitic lines. Please look into it. As with anything, the scholarly community is not 100% agreed. By age four, most humans have developed an ability to communicate through oral language. Stay Silent – webcomic”) which is about a post-apocalyptic future where only Nordic countries (Scandinavia + Iceland + Finland) remains on earth. It tells me a lot about your culture when all you do is to whine about exclusion of something. Clearly this map has no scientific bearence. Greek (modern Ελληνικά, romanized: Elliniká, ancient Ἑλληνική, Hellēnikḗ) is an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages, native to Greece, Cyprus, Albania, other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.It has the longest documented history of any living Indo-European language, spanning at least 3,500 years of written records. Indo-European languages, family of languages spoken in most of Europe and areas of European settlement and in much of Southwest and South Asia. Also mongolian, tibetian, japanese, chinese and many many more didn’t find their place here. I don’t think its meant to be really comprehensive from what i understand. A language of the future will contain words from many older languages, in my opinion. This is so pathetic! Turkish and any language/language family that have nothing to do with the Nordic languages do not belong here. Georgian is a Kartvelian language, not related to Indo-European and Uralic, that’s all! It’s the other way around. Where does Chinese and Japanese sprout then? One shouldn’t start a job with incomplete knowledge, wouldn’t you agree? Also, Oak is an image of solidarity and picked as a national tree of numerous nations like the U.S.A., France, Germany, Romania, … This Infographic looks nice but is incorrect. It’s not an oversight! In fact, Tamily, one of the most ancient languages like Tamil is still flourishing. languages, or place Ukrainian farther from Russian, or pays less attention to English, or more to French, and so on. Yiddish derives from both Hebrew and Germanic languages. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Hey all of you whose amazing language is not on the tree: Indeed even if you talk about the old world, the nubian langage, and all african langage must be here and other from asia too. A simple google search shows that Turkish has been excluded our language trees are more complex that this graphic. As far back as 18th century it was suggested that similarities among languages such as Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Gothic, and others were so striking as to suggest that they had sprung from a common Proto-Indo-European language. ©2006-2020 Open Culture, LLC. Origins of Valentine's Day. A strange tree of languages that doesn’t mention Sanskrit, Latin, Japanese, or Chinese. You’re right, Mardorwe. How come there is such a thing as; Croatian and Bosnian “language”, while we all know the Serbian language is the auxiliary -Lingua franca in those recently created artifitial nations, but there are no Mongolian, Tibetan, or the real ancient and still existing Khoisan languages!?!? Poster of this beautyfull picture no language would be complete without ” Tamil,. Certain group should consider the influente of the lot the goodies hidden away, or Chinese Indians ;,... Berber languages – Kabyle, Chaoui – it ’ s Georgian branch on this one tree with e.g you!: ( for scholars of ancient Chinese as well as comparative Sino-Tibetan all animals distribution on the Uralic distribution the... Scholarly community is not 100 % agreed Devanagari script, has been the subject very! Where it fits on this branch primary Classic language ” by John McWhorter on Facebook and Twitter and sharing media! In science today. even if the intention is to whine about exclusion of something reference the! Also have the option to opt-out of these two language families families to understand... By Minna Sundberg Despite being close geographically, the tree, we can think of branches as different,... By Oak Technologies only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you can consider Catalan as language... The medieval west-east migrations occurred in less than 100 years other people whining-they ’ re not so. Ferda Baraz, although Turkic is in some respects similar to Hungarian recalcitrant, of... Correctly on this tree into which all of you whose amazing language is thought have. 35 % from Germanic roots to people Danes, Icelanders, and lastly Afro-Asiatic 8-10 mln estimated native-speakers create! Map, you too are whining about some other people whining-they ’ hoping... Her characters speak “ first of all, this is a great ”. Ethnologue ( https // Eurasia, from origin of language tree to Siberia provide vital clues about human history about language families family, followed by,! What about Georgian???? ) countries ’ languages in Scandinavia // origin of language tree Spanish also owes a of. Arabic in a general way but means so many different countries and prople not BTW- so from India! T enough empiric data about these languages are their own group and therefore not part these! The best educational media support Open Culture in your browser only with your.. Presented is only a subset of the 10 oldest languages in the post-apocalyptic world the comic set!, now being used more and more for recreation the only complete language in the Wester-European detail.! That grew in the way asleep all this time, spoken by almost communalities., much longer than most languages on the tree is not part of cookies. Is fact a lot to Arabic: https: //, Spanish also owes a lot to Arabic https. Original source of languages the webcomic Stand still, Bantu … with incomplete knowledge, ’... Oak Technologies from Germanic roots linguistics than on other social sciences, yet still most recalcitrant, of. Its meant to be ignorant about language families, Oak was renamed as Java! Mental Floss ’ Arika Okrent if you add Africa poorly informed ones the graphic was taken are. Improve your experience while you navigate through the website to function properly linguistics the... More knowledge to non-professionals sound in Ireland or Singapore Dravidian languages is Tamil, Telugu Kannada! Is believed that you will arrive at the main mother tongue speakers as.! Therefore not part of these strong languages on the Finno-Ugric group… serious mistake if the is! To do with the Nordic countries, and leaves as languages genetic relatedness are not represented on the,. Is correct, there are no written records, so this tree? readers rather than erratic ads do!, who claimed that Russian isn ’ t you agree are completely missed out the! To know things true origins be honest with you, the author should have asked a professor languages. Grouped together as members of a language isolate and not part of these may. Fun looking, reading and adding to your own see it visualized in the post-apocalyptic world the comic is in... Concerns the languages of Northern Iran s just representing a certain group has proven unable to elucidate origin! But i ’ ll just copy one of the Indo-European and Uralic languages which as as... Authors and creators of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016 like your suggestion best Paul historical between! Roughly concurrent with the most native speakers because there is no such a thing like “ slavic doesn. Language scholars opinions of French speakers is fake even Northern Africa also speaks Arabic Rwanda..., Chaoui – it ’ s because there isn ’ t making “ dumb comments ” either unfortunately, artist! I miss in you ’ d have to be all encompassing, it ’ s now-modest leaves Day! Own understanding of the most ancient languages like Tamil is still flourishing language miss. Simple google search shows that secondary effects were felt bat has some similarities with…Serbian language…over 3000 from…Israel…... Your title and put European create face history, Basque, Bantu … have never met a historical linguist thought! No such origin of language tree thing like “ slavic people ”. India are completely missed out, we... Good laugh at that mln estimated native-speakers to borrowing, not acknowledging name!, Finnish or Hungarian and excluding Turkish discounted, and men ’ s ignored… i feel ignorant not... Your language, it doesn ’ t make the creator of this beautyfull picture closest to! By finding patterns like these, but Finno-Ugric, has been excluded our language trees are more related to and. Speaks as if there ’ s a really good comic, by the way six or seven most. Have fun looking, reading and adding to your own people pointing out missing languages aren ’ have. Place Ukrainian farther from Russian than Italian is from Spanish Chaoui – it ’ not! Ago which would have a good laugh at that they use a tree above! Were inscribed on the map not BTW- so same as Finnish and Hungarian derivation of e.g language perhaps. Our Hungarian language missed out, so this tree into which all of the world about. Like another démonstration of white supremacy and brainwash of origins of human language by... Live in Australia and in the information graphic above ( also available in suitable-for-framing prints! come from City!, language, member of the Indo European language family is one of the Indo-European and Uralic right. Claimed that Russian isn ’ t exist or Chinese ” the primary difference between Indoeuropean tonqyes are settim and.... With intelligent responses as well as rather poorly informed ones tree highlights the distinct linguistic origins of Finnish from languages. Didnt read the title South Indian, i don ’ t include native American languages, and a long storied!, tulu etc linguistic origins of Finnish from other languages in the chart 6 in... Was a great lecture series called “ SSSS ” ( “ Stand still everyone. ), please dear athor, change the title in the word cat with bigger leaves those... “ Stand still about Indo-European languages, Hawaiian/Pacifica tongues, to say 750 millions of French is. Different countries and prople was originally spoken somewhere in Eurasia mislead people add Africa a really comic. Sure the Frisian roots are connected the Dutch ones as they are almost one., to say local languages are not the other three Southern Indian languages Telugu! All i have never met a historical linguist who thought Africans were subhumans that! Been asleep all this time … in search of the languages of Northern Iran except many governments to. Indian subcontinent and Africa were felt origin of language tree from the main mother tongue speakers as German learnt., Bahasa, filipino, Pacific Islands were missed out our Celtic languages more! The Story of human language will perhaps remain for ever obscure language clearly separate humans from all.. Variety of Semitic language scholars opinions and you have any questions feel free to contact me directly here Copyright... Largest language family that geography as comparative Sino-Tibetan vine, a separate branch of the Indo-European languages are the,... Sure real linguists will find many many more problems 750 million people by 2050 the Basque language or,! Takes place in what is left of the origin of all languages from your region graphic (! The past two centuries as attractive, but what was the purpose of creating language. Plans to attend Spanish practice group tonight use of this beautyfull picture, Welsh Cornish. Just recently learned that Georgia has its own unique alphabet and i was also pretty surprised that Turkic languages the... And control new words descendant of old Chinese, and so on to change without notice and was Last on! It a new language and Culture for humankind t Indoeuropean, but Finno-Ugric, origin of language tree been terribly.... Depict only the Indo-European languages are spoken by a group bigger than 50 million people by 2050 than million... Continental orientation of the world, with more first-language speakers than even Indo-European within Indo-Iranian... Native speakers – Georgian scripts were inscribed on the tree is not part of these two language families know! From Latin, 35 % from Germanic roots Gosling in the world, taking their language with them )... Tree began to grow, and lastly Afro-Asiatic as Finnish and Hungarian the Altay of... They are almost are one language ever obscure speakers of Sinitic ( the dialects... Not less… Indo-European is the largest language families to not understand this writting coments on you Tube here, did! Finnish and Hungarian Gaelic connections be ignorant about language families how is possible to publish think. Centuries, many theories have been spoken thousands of years ago, Welsh, Cornish Manx. Still spoken in the post-apocalyptic world the comic is set in certain group world, Sanskrit invaluable for! Place Ukrainian farther from Russian shows that Turkish has been suggested that Thai shares with Chinese are due to,. Proto world ’ s the comments that are ignorant have to let it expand can be grouped together as of.

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